Couples therapy is provided for any relationship that is interested in developing, remediating or enhancing their bond. I help traditional and non-traditional couples who seek therapy and recognize that they have difficulty in various areas including: communication, trust, betrayal, unfulfilling intimacy, and sexual disinterest/disharmony.  Couples and marital partners approach therapy regarding questions of compatibility and concerns regarding disconnection and divorce.  It should be noted that the common denominator for all couples and marital work is to ensure a solid base for communication so that each partner can gain clarity for not only their partner’s needs but also their own.  Therefore, my approach establishes a solid communication foundation for them to discuss their interests and dissatisfactions in a clear, safe and receptive way.  This method serves to inform the couples about the patterns and unspoken thoughts that permeate the relationship and therefore allows them to make more confident decisions going forward.  After which, the couple can proceed either toward growing healthier together or growing healthier apart.