This modality is dedicated to those patients who are experiencing mental health and emotional symptoms.  Clinical disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma and personality syndromes are the most commonly presented.  Occasionally, patients will present with identity disorders, and various types of adjustment disorders related to changes and unexpected occurrences in life.  Typical adjustment disorders are related and include divorce and separation, traumatic death of a loved one, career indifference or relocation as well as change in personal identity or physical health.  Patients will often present for individual therapy with an interest in growth and development in personal areas and not particularly because they have a specific diagnosable condition.  My practice allows for and encourages this focus of mental health as a preventative method for maintaining stable and healthy lifestyles.  These conditions include: anger management, shame and insecurity, chronic shyness as well as the variety of identity developmental challenges. Patients of all ages present for individual therapy from young children to older adults.