The return to school can be daunting for many families. I recently had a family of four tell me that this time is the “Scariest time of the year for them.” One sure way to reduce this strain and pressure is to devise a Back to School Plan for your family.  Include bedtimes, homework and electronic use time, plenty of goals for each child with appropriate rewards, and do not forget ample time to recuperate.  It is essential for you to recharge every evening so that you are ready for the next day.  These activities can be:

  • Meditation
  • prayer
  • music
  • yoga

For those of you who have trouble getting to bed because you have too much on your mind, journaling is a useful way of winding down so that you know you have planned for everything before you put your head down rest.  Lastly, checking in with your partner can give you the confidence that, “You got this!” try to do this daily and especially after Sunday night dinners.  It really helps to relax your mind.  Good luck and remember Proper preparation prevents poor performance!  Plan. Plan, Plan to reduce the Strain, Stress, and Screaming!